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Instructions for ALL Firearm Applications


The Paterson Police Department is now utilizing the New Jersey Firearms Application Registration System (FARS) for completing firearms applications. Please follow the instructions below to submit INITIAL and SUBSEQUENT firearms applications. Contact Firearms Investigations Unit Det. Keith Rotsaert or Det. Rene Alicea at (973) 321-1136 or KROTSAERT@PATERSONPD.COM / RALICEA@PATERSONPD.COM at the end of the application process or for further assistance.

  • Step 1: Follow the link to:www.njportal.com/NJSP/fars

     **This site / portal is not administered by the Paterson Police Department**


  • Step 2: The ORI Number for Paterson Residents is: NJ0160800

     (You will NOT be able to complete this application without this ORI#)

  • Step 3: Click, Online S.T.S. 033 Form and complete the online application.

     (You may complete the application using a smartphone, mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer.) You will need to provide the email addresses of two (2) reputable references (references may be family members). Incorrect contact information/email addresses will result in a delay with the application.

    Print a copy of your application and confirmation page.

    **For Initial Applicants ONLY: At the end of the application; and are directed to do so, YOU MUST print out the IdentoGO New Jersey Universal Fingerprint Form which will have the Confirmation Number filled in the Contributor Case # section. Applicants appearing for fingerprinting appointments at IdentoGO without this form will be turned away.

  • Step 4: After you complete your online application, Contact Det. Rotsaert OR dET. ALICEA  at 973-321-1136 or

     KROTSAERT@PATERSONPD.COM / RALICEA@PATERSONPD.COM .You MUST appear (by appointment only) at the Paterson Police Department to:

                         o Submit a NON-refundable payment which is required to be made PRIOR to the completion of a background investigation, as per NJAC 13:54-1.4. The fee for the INITIAL FID card is $5.00, and the fee for each handgun purchase permit is an additional $2.00.

                        o If you have lived outside of New Jersey within the last 10 years, you will need to complete and sign a Consent for Mental Health Records Search Form SP-66 in person.

                        o Provide a copy of the application and the confirmation page.

                         o Provide your identification and FID card (if applicable) AND verification of your residence at time of payment.

                         PROOF OF RESIDENCY is required. The ONLY forms accepted are: A)PSE&G bill with name and address; B) W-2 Form with name and address; or a HARDLINE PHONE BILL  


    **Once your application investigation is complete, the Paterson Police Department will contact you for issuance of your Firearms ID Card and/or pistol purchase permit documents. **(DO NOT come to headquarters or call Det. Rotsaert if you receive an email stating the application is approved. You will be contacted to retrieve your documents after they are prepared for pick up.)

    *Please advise your references that they will receive an e-mail via FARS with the reference questions to be answered. This can be completed using a mobile device or desktop computer. Please advise them to complete the questions immediately to progress your background investigation.

    Please ensure you verify all of your information is correct prior to submitting it. Incorrect information entered will cause a delay in the processing of your application.

*CROSS OUTS and WHITE OUT will NOT be accepted!!


The online application is applicant driven. You will be receiving automated email updates throughout this process. Please ensure that you have entered accurate phone numbers and e-mail addresses for yourself and your references. Although your Social Security number is not mandatory, the application process will be delayed without it. If a mistake is made while applying, you can simply RE-APPLY.

Please understand that all application fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Applicants MUST utilize the correct ORI# (NJ0160800) for the Paterson Police Department.

1. FARS is taking the place of the STS-033 form. Applicants can apply for all the same options as the paper application form with the exception of Permits to Carry.

2. This system has been mandated by the Governor’s Office to expedite the process and provide accountability for the length of time an application may take to process.

3. The applicant MUST enter their “Official Name” meaning name appearing on BIRTH CERTIFICATE. T Including middle name…They cannot utilize simplified versions of their names (i.e. Joe vs. Joseph).

4. Applicants must enter accurate phone numbers and emails for themselves and their references.

5. Family members can be references.

6. After the applicant enters all required information, a REVIEW PAGE appears where the applicant can edit all information entered into the application prior to final submission.

7. An INITIAL APPLICANT will be able to PRINT OUT their FINGERPRINT FORM at the end of the application, and are directed to do so.

8. The applicant should also print both the confirmation page and application at the end of the process. This is for quick reference in the event of an issue.

9. No payment is taken from initial applicants by FARS. Only 212A applicants will pay at the end of their online application process. Applicants are instructed to bring payment for initial FID card and any permits to the Paterson Police Department.

10. Applicants who have resided outside of New Jersey in the last 10 years must complete and sign the Consent for Mental Health Records Check form in person at the Paterson Police Department.

11. For additional firearms regulations and procedural information, please visit the New Jersey State Police website:https://www.njsp.org/about/firearms.html


Application for Firearms Purchaser Identification Card/Purchase a Handgun STS-033: Certified Bank Check (PERSONAL CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE) or money order payable to: Paterson Police Department in the amount of $7.00. **or exact change in cash**

Application for a Duplicate/Update Firearms Purchaser Identification Card/STS-033: No Fee


NOTE: Meeting with Det. Rotsaert is available by appointment only.