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Safe and Secure Medicine Disposal is anonymous and available 24/7 (no questions asked) and can be done at Paterson Police HQ located at 111 Broadway Paterson NJ 07505. For other locations in the Passaic County Area click here. 

Records Division 

Phone: (973) 321-1160

Hours of Operations: 

Monday 8am - 1pm

Tuesday 11am - 3:45pm

Wednesday Closed 

Thursday 11am - 3:45pm 

Friday 8am - 1pm 

Saturday & Sunday Closed

Retrieve your accident report online. (Click here) 

Firearms Application

Click here for more information 

For further assistance please contact th

Firearms Investigations Unit at (973) 321-1136

 Det. Keith Rotsaert ( or Det. Rene Alicea (

Carry Permit Questions? Read PPD Permit to Carry Instruction Sheet

NJ Motor Vehicle Accident Report - Self Complete Form

Anonynous Tips Submission

Our website provide fully anonymous tips submission and increase our community involvement in solving or preventing crimes; Each tip is encrypted to protect the source identity and Anonymity confirmed by FBI testing. 

Submit A Tip (Click Here)

Passaic County Hazard Mitigation Plan

All Open Public Records Act (OPRA) requests are to go though the: 

Office of the Paterson City Clerk

City Hall, 3rd Floor

155 Market Street

Paterson NJ 07505

Phone: (973) 321-1213

Fax: (973) 321-1311

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Paterson Police Department 

111 Broadway

Paterson NJ 07505

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